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19 June 2006 @ 03:49 pm
#83 Love  
Title: That Girl is Dangerous
Author: sanguinepen
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Sawyer
Prompt: #83 Love
Word Count: 423
Rating: PG for Language
Author's Notes: Sawyer realizes some stuff about Kate that might complicate things...

The sand was still warm from the beating it had taken during the day as Sawyer slipped along the shore to his favorite swimming spot. It was around an outcropping of lava, and hidden from the eyes of most of the rest of the survivors who were living on the beach. He glanced over his shoulder, the breeze blowing his shaggy blond hair into his eyes as he waited to see if anyone was following him. He let out a deep sigh when Kate didn’t step out of the jungle. She was probably out there trying to help Jack do something or other. For an outlaw, that girl sure had a lot of heart, he thought. Her lips had been so soft though, he smiled when he thought about their swim when they’d found the briefcase full of guns.

“Damn,” he swore as he peeled off his clothes, leaving them up on the outcropping of lava to make sure they didn’t get wet, and his last pack of cigarettes was protected. He was going to be so damned sorry when they were gone. “You are going soft on her.” The water was warm as he slid naked into the tide pool. It was shallow, and teaming with life. If Jin knew he was swimming in one of his favorite fishing spots, he was sure the Korean man would pop a vein or twelve. “But that’s why we go skinny dipping at night.”

He swam about in the pool, taking strong strokes safe from anything that might eat him on the other side of the reef, then settled back to just let the water ebb and flow around him. He kept finding his thoughts wandering back to Kate. She had gotten under his skin. There was a connection there that he couldn’t fight, and wasn’t at all sure that he wanted to. She was all the things he liked in a woman smart, pretty, tough, and not going to take any of his shit. She wasn’t like any of the girls he usually took to bed. They were marks most of the time, or just someone to fill a physical need. Freckles on the other hand was touching someplace deep inside of him. She might be able to get to Jimmy Ford, instead of Sawyer.

He swore, and climbed out of the water, shaking it from his hair as he dressed. Sawyer settled on the lava wall, and pulled out a cigarette. “Damn,” he took a long drag. “That girl is dangerous as hell.”
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