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20 June 2006 @ 11:46 am
Ramblin' Man - Sawyer Mix - for fantrack  

Fandom: LOST
Character: James "Sawyer" Ford
Theme: Road Trip Music inspired by Sawyer before and on the island.
Art & Fiction: sanguinepen

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Song List: For Lyrics
Lie to Me
Ramblin' Man
Bad Company
Gimme All Your Lovin'
Sweet Home Alabama
Life in the Fast Lane
Bad to the Bone
Rack 'em Up
Gimme Three Steps
Wanted Man
American Woman
Sharp Dressed Man
You Really Got Me

Gimme Three Fics!

Bad to the Bone –

He settled into the shadows of the bar, which wasn’t hard, since the place was made mostly of shadows. The floor was stained, from years of spilt beer, whiskey and blood, a dull dark grayish brown. The man swirled the cheap whiskey in his glass. He hadn’t been able to afford a named brand, and with things turning out the way there were he was going to have to keep a low profile down under. His knuckles were stained with yellow from too many cigarettes, cracked and brushed from a fight he’d tried to avoid the night before. When he glanced into the dirty mirror behind the bar, he almost didn’t recognize the old man who was looking back at him. At times like this, when he was low on cash, he had a hard time remembering who he had been.

The door of the bar opened, sending in a shaft of stabbing light. The man with the cheap whiskey wasn’t the only creature of the night that cringed as it flickered across the room until it faded into a thin line and vanished. He looked up from beneath a stained baseball cap that hid his now balding head. He remembered what it was like when he had thick golden hair that any mark would sell her soul to wrap her fingers into. Those were the good old days.

Sawyer watched as a tall blond shambled into the bar. He was shaking a bit, and looked like he’d just watched something horrible happen. He didn’t care, didn’t matter to him who anyone was as long as they weren’t looking for him. He’d heard rumors that he there was someone looking for him, and that that someone had actually come all the way to Australia to find him. But so far, he’d flown under the radar of whoever it was.

“I need a shot of Jack,” the new blond said, hair a bit too long to be in style, but enough to make a woman’s knees week framed his face. His accent wasn’t Australian at all. He was an American, and Sawyer didn’t miss the twang of the south in his voice. He’d spent quite a bit of time down south running one con or another over the years. He’d moved on when some bitch had got herself killed for hopping in the sack with him. “Make it a double.”

Another man came into the bar. He looked worse than Sawyer felt on a bad day. He was old and had the shakes that only came from being a long standing friend with the bottle. He settled down next to the blond, and they chatted a bit. Neither man said their names, so Sawyer settled back down when neither of them seemed to notice him to drink his rock gut whiskey.

Eventually the older guy left and the blond ordered another shot just as the door flew open again. This time, everyone froze as badges were flashed. “James Ford!” One of the cops said looking at the blond. Ford got up and started to try to get away. He was spitting and snarling out a string of cussing that would have made a navy man flinch. “You’re under arrest.”

James Ford, Sawyer shook his head and drained the last of his drink as the cops dragged him out of the bar. “Well as I live and breath,” he said watching as the man he’d created was taken away in handcuffs. He hadn’t raised the boy. Hadn’t been married to his mother, but what he’d done to James Ford’s family had made him who he was today. If Sawyer knew the half of it, he’d have either been proud or very, very afraid.

Sharp Dressed Man
He strolled around the edge of the country club’s pool, smiling here and there at the ladies of leisure whose husbands were off playing golf and getting drunk on the back nine while they basked in the harmful UV rays soaked in the latest keep young forever miracle SPF cream to preserve their beauty. Sawyer was one of the few men at the pool who wasn’t a cabana boy or waiter. He’d done both jobs before he’d learned a better way to make a living, so knew just how to behave to draw the attention of the lovelies with money. He has a towel slung over one broad bronzed shoulder, months spent digging ditches in the pen would do that for someone. His bathing suit fit well without being obscene, no little Speedos for his while he was working, although truth be told he’d much rather be swimming naked.

His sharp eyes hidden behind his expensive Ray Bans found his mark, and lucky for him the seat next to Mrs. Winifred Harris was empty. “Excuse me, ma’am,” he asked all sugar and sex. “Is this seat taken?” She was pretty, in her mid thirties, at the prime of her sexual peek, but the 6 carat diamond wedding ring on her finger was what really caught the conman’s eyes.

“No,” she said, her New England tones strange to the southern boy’s ears. “Please have a seat.”

Her glasses weren’t tinted as darkly as his were, so he didn’t miss her watching him as he spread suntan lotion on his well muscled chest and stomach. He could practically see her licking her lips as he moved his hands over his long legs one at a time. Yep, even over 30, and he still had it.

As he reached over his shoulder twisting away from her, she tapped him on the shoulder. “Let me get your back? I wouldn’t want you to get burned.”

“Why thank you,” he drawled arching his neck to let her spread the lotion over his back. “I’m Frank Sawyer. Nice to meet you.”

Girl You Really Got Me –

The sand was still warm from the beating it had taken during the day as Sawyer slipped along the shore to his favorite swimming spot. It was around an outcropping of lava, and hidden from the eyes of most of the rest of the survivors who were living on the beach. He glanced over his shoulder, the breeze blowing his shaggy blond hair into his eyes as he waited to see if anyone was following him. He let out a deep sigh when Kate didn’t step out of the jungle. She was probably out there trying to help Jack do something or other. For an outlaw, that girl sure had a lot of heart, he thought. Her lips had been so soft though, he smiled when he thought about their swim when they’d found the briefcase full of guns.

“Damn,” he swore as he peeled off his clothes, leaving them up on the outcropping of lava to make sure they didn’t get wet, and his last pack of cigarettes was protected. He was going to be so damned sorry when they were gone. “You are going soft on her.” The water was warm as he slid naked into the tide pool. It was shallow, and teaming with life. If Jin knew he was swimming in one of his favorite fishing spots, he was sure the Korean man would pop a vein or twelve. “But that’s why we go skinny dipping at night.”

He swam about in the pool, taking strong strokes safe from anything that might eat him on the other side of the reef, then settled back to just let the water ebb and flow around him. He kept finding his thoughts wandering back to Kate. She had gotten under his skin. There was a connection there that he couldn’t fight, and wasn’t at all sure that he wanted to. She was all the things he liked in a woman smart, pretty, tough, and not going to take any of his shit. She wasn’t like any of the girls he usually took to bed. They were marks most of the time, or just someone to fill a physical need. Freckles on the other hand was touching someplace deep inside of him. She might be able to get to Jimmy Ford, instead of Sawyer.

He swore, and climbed out of the water, shaking it from his hair as he dressed. Sawyer settled on the lava wall, and pulled out a cigarette. “Damn,” he took a long drag. “That girl is dangerous as hell.”
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