Sawyer (sawyer_island) wrote,

#17 Fear - Sawyer

James "Sawyer" Ford
Author: sanguinepen
Word Count: 323
Rating: PG
Setting: Before the series.
Prompt: #17 Fear 7/50 for 50_darkfics

They grabbed him right out of the bar where he’d been trying to get his shaking hands under control. There was no warning, well no more than them identifying themselves as the police and that he – James Ford – was under arrest. His heart was pounding, and he could smell his perspiration as they slapped the cuffs on him. They didn’t say why they were taking him, but he knew. It was because he’d murdered a man, an innocent man. A man who had made the mistake of trusting the wrong person, just like he had, and now one was dead and the other was on his way to hell. Did they have the Death Penalty in Australia? Would they shoot him? Lethal injection? Or did they have some other interesting way of putting a murderer to death like keel hauling him or tossing him out into the ocean with the Great Whites?

“Hey now,” he hissed as they shoved him in the back of the police car.

“Shut up you,” the cop snapped as he nearly slammed the door on the tall America before he was all the way inside.

“But what the hell do you want?” Ford knew that it was always best to feign ignorance. Never, ever, let them know you were guilty of anything, until they shoved you they had proof, and even then you might still be able to come up with a lie or twelve to get out of trouble. “I didn’t do nothin’ to nobody. Just mindin’ my business havin’ a drink.”

“Not going to be discussing it with you,” the cop glanced up at him through the heavy mesh of the cage that separated the front from the back seat. To Ford it felt like he was on the end of a plank waiting for the churning waters to rip the flesh from his bones. Fear was clouding his mind as they drove slowly through Sydney.
Tags: 50 darkfics

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