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Set #42 Prompt: J. "I just want to go home." for writers_muses

James "Sawyer" Ford
485 Words
Before the crash....

Going down the jet way was like takin’ the walk of shame. At least the Australian cops didn’t feel the need to parade me past the other passengers in leg irons, although deep down inside I sort of felt like they should have. I’d killed an innocent man. Ok, probably not an innocent man, but a man that I didn’t have no business killin’. He wasn’t Frank Sawyer. I’d been conned, and nothin’ pisses off a conman more than gettin’ conned by someone else. He’d played me like a fine violin. Makin’ me fly down to Australia to kill the man responsible for the deaths of my folks, and the ruin of my life. I’d been a fuckin’ patsy.

I got crammed into the middle of the row on the 777, Oceanic Flight 815, from Sydney to LA. I thought I’d be restin’ the tray table on the top of my knees. Planes are made for midgets and amputees. Ain’t made for regular people with legs and such at all. I just hoped I didn’t have to pee too often on the flight, and was crossin’ my fingers not to get stuck next to some smelly foreigner or religious fanatic. Nothin’ worse than listenin’ to some preacher prayin’ through the flight, askin’ if you believed in the Lord, ‘cept sittin’ next to some person with a lack of personal hygiene.

When I got sandwiched between a honeymoon couple and some punk kid, I just closed my eyes and willed myself to sleep. Didn’t really fall asleep, but I looked convincin’ enough for the honeymooners to talk dirty to each other in ear shot. Sure as hell was better’n the movie they were playin’ on the flight.

Guess I really did fall asleep at one point. Next thing I knew the plane got shook like god had decided to smack it down. Yes, I believe in God. I just don’t need to hear about him. Everything bounced, and the yellow oxygen masks popped down from the ceilin’. I grabbed at mine, nearly yankin’ it our of the roof, and started gaspin’ for air as the plane shook again. Behind me the tail just fuckin’ fell off. I gripped the seat, so hard I could hear my knuckles poppin’. Holy fuckin’ shit. I’m goin’ to die….

The screams from the engines drowned out the screams of the other passengers. I watched as my life flashed before my eyes. Saw my momma as she came to tell me to hide under the bed of our apartment because my daddy was there and pissed. Heard the sound of the shots as he blew a hole in my momma’s face and then blew his own head off. I saw “Frank Sawyer” crumple to the ground besides his roach coach and die tryin’ to figure out why the hell I shot him. I saw it all. Then it all went black.
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