July 15th, 2006

Sex Sells

Death Becomes Her

Title - Death Becomes Her
Character - James "Sawyer" Ford
Fandom - LOST
Author - sanguinepen
Rating - PG
Word Count: 439
Prompt for deviant_muses #2 - July 2006
Prompt for 50_darkfics #14 Coffin/Buried

It was hot even beneath the trees. He’d walked slowly through the cemetery where his parent’s plot was. As far as James Ford knew it was the last piece of land that his family owned. All the rest of it had been foreclosed on when his mother had given all the family’s money to a conman named Frank Sawyer. Back when Jimmy Ford was a kid.

They’d lost their pretty house. They’d lost their cars, their boats, and their business. Then his father had come to the crappy apartment where he was living with his mother, and killed her then himself on the bed that Jimmy was hiding under.

That was close to twenty years ago now. He was broke again. It was either feast or famine with him even at the best of times. He’d learned to play the game, and he hated himself for it.

“Well mom,” he said as he crouched before her grave, wiping his large hands over her tombstone, a hint of blue chalk beneath his thumbnail. The inscription read – devoted wife and mother. His father’s was about as truthful, but then he figured it couldn’t exactly say. Sarah Ford – slut and home wrecker, and his father’s couldn’t say – murdering cuckold. “Things are pretty much goin’ to shit again, but then that’s the way it’s been since you screwed up my life. I’m thirty, today mom, and I ain’t got enough money to fill the tank in my car. I know, I haven’t been here in a long time neither, not since they put you both in the ground and I had to pretend that I understood what was goin’ on. I know how it works now mom. Run the con myself more than a few times. Been lookin’ for Sawyer too. Someday I’ll find him, and I’ll blow his head off like daddy did yours.”

He got up, cupping his hands around his lighter as he lit up a cigarette, blowing smoke down at the graves. “Just wanted you to know that if I ever do find him, and I have my revenge it won’t be for either of you. Should have been stronger. Should have kept your legs shut. Should have been faithful to my dad, or just divorced him like a normal woman. You had no right to take the money he’d earned and given it to that man. When I kill Frank Sawyer, it’ll be for me.” He leaned back against the tree, slowly finishing the cigarette, and then flicked the butt onto her grave. “Be seein’ you in hell mother. I’m sure that’s where I’m headin’ thanks to you.”