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X Marks the Spot – chapter 1

X Marks the Spot – chapter 1
Lost - Gen Kate and Sawyer so far
Word Count: 535
Rating: work safe
Author: sanguinepen
Disclaimer: Characters ain’t mine, setting isn’t mine yada yada yada
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“You got dynamite off a pirate ship?” Sawyer narrowed his green eyes at Hurley who was telling Libby about how they had blown the cover off of the hatch. The conman hadn’t really bothered to find out the details of where they’d gotten the explosives. He’d been too fucking sick with fever when Anna Looney had dragged him back to the majority of Flight 815’s survivors. He’d just been too happy to be alive, and to find Kate hovering over him while he was on the mend to really care. But now, here was Hurley telling the tale for the new girl to hear about it. They seemed to be pretty chummy. He didn’t miss the way her knuckles brushed against the fat boy’s while they sat next to each other.

“Do you mind?” Libby glared up at the tall blond as he settled his butt against a palm tree arms folded across his chest to listen. “We’re having a session?”

“Oh is that what y’all call it now?” he smirked and rolled his eyes. “A session with the shrink? Well not a bad idea, since he’s been off his rocker more n’ a few times.”

“Piss off Sawyer,” Hurley snapped. He was not in the mood to deal with the sociopath. “You want to know about the pirate ship? Go ask Kate or Jack. They were there. They know all about it.”

Sawyer shrugged and stomped back over the pristine white sand towards the edge of the jungle where he pulled yet another paperback out of his back pocket to read while watching the horizon. The book wasn’t very well written. He was over seventy-five pages into it, and there hadn’t been a plot yet. All that had happened so far was the heroine getting laid by everyone in sight. That would have been fine for him, but the sex wasn’t very well written either. Whoever Anita Blake was, he really didn’t get why all the men in the book wanted to fuck her, wasn’t like she was the only woman in St. Louis. He knew there were a few more books in his stash by the author, but now he wasn’t sure he really wanted to read them. He’d have to wait until he was really desperate.

After about five more pages, the nagging voice in the back of his head kept saying – yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for me – images of gold, jewels and booty draped over skeletal pirates filled his head. “Naw, there ain’t no treasure,” he said tossing the book towards the beach.

“Bad book?” Kate smiled at him while scooping her curly brown hair out of her face. He smiled over at her, and patted the sand next to him. “You throwing anything else out?”

“What you need Freckles?” he kept the wolfish grin on his face. “I’ll give you anything you want for a story.”

“A story huh?” she dropped down onto her heels before settling on the sand besides him. She was reading the back of the discarded book, so didn’t notice him checking out her ass while she sat. “You want a bedtime story?”

“I want you to tell me about the Black Rock?”
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