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X Marks the Spot – chapter 2

X Marks the Spot – chapter 2
Lost - Sawyer/Kate
Word Count: 1034
Rating: work safe
Author: sanguinepen
Disclaimer: Characters ain’t mine, setting isn’t mine yada yada yada
Posted to - lost_fanfic

“I want you to tell me about the Black Rock.”

“There’s not a whole lot to tell,” Kate said as she picked at a frayed tear in the thigh of her jeans. Sawyer found his eyes flickering over the patch of golden tanned skin that showed through the hole. It had been a long time since he’d gone swimming with her, when they’d found the Marshal’s guns, and he did have to wonder just how much prettier she had gotten since then. The woman made him want to be a better person sometimes, and he really hated her for that. “Rousseau told us about it. We hiked inland until we found it. We were pretty surprised to find out it was a ship. Arnst died while we were getting the dynamite that we used to blast open the Hatch.”

“Arnst?” Sawyer’s brow creased while he tried to remember who that was, and then nodded as he recalled the rabid high school science teacher who’d started going on and on about the monsoon season and such before they’d left on the raft. “Oh yeah, I was wonderin’ what happened to him. He was a twitchy guy. All that rantin’ about the weather and such.”

“Well let’s just say, it wasn’t a good way to go out. You don’t want the details.”

“Don’t be too sure about that. I might just be that bored.” Leaning back against the palm tree, Sawyer rubbed a spot between his shoulder blade that he pretended was itching like crazy while he collected his thoughts and what his next move should be. If there was a treasure out there, he wasn’t too sure he’d want to share it. But if he did have to share it, Kate would be his first choice. He’d be damned if that fucking self-righteous prick Jack got a hold of it. Sides, he was a doctor, and didn’t need the money anyways. “So what kind of ship was it? How do you think it got that far inland?”

“It was from the 1800s,” she said as she reached over to scratch the spot on his back without even thinking about it. She’d never been one to have long nails, but it was nice to see the smile of pleasure on his face instead of one of his sneaky cat ate the canary ones he usually wore. She was trying so hard to trust him, and not hold things against him that he had nothing to do with. “There were chains for holding slaves or prisoners on it. We didn’t explore a whole lot of it though. Arnst had us all totally freaked out about the dynamite. It was sweating and very unstable from the heat and time and stuff.”

“And Hurley made it all the way out there?” Sawyer snorted. “I’d figure he’d be pretty damned unstable from the heat and walk and stuff.”

“He did just fine.” Kate didn’t add in the part about Hurley going ape shit when he’d seen those numbers on the Hatch. “We brought three sticks of the dynamite back to the Hatch to blow it open, and left the rest. What are you thinking about? You’re not planning on going after the dynamite are you? What would you want with it? Can’t see you trading it for food.”

“I don’t want the dynamite.” He climbed up to his feet, and stretched wrapping his long arms around his torso until his back popped just right. “I was just curious about the ship. I mean what were they carrying ‘sides slaves or prisoners. Was it one of those ships they sent to Australia full of prisoners? Did the polar bear come from it? There’s a lot of questions about this place, and maybe some of the answers are on that boat. Did y’all read the captain’s log?”

“Not really,” she let out a ragged sigh as she stepped up besides him to look out onto the endless blue horizon. “We were in a hurry. Rousseau told us about the others coming for the boy, so we were going to try to hide down there. It was a race, and we didn’t know that the boy they wanted was Walt.”

“Well, we found out about that didn’t we?” Sawyer rubbed at the now mostly healed bullet wound on his shoulder. “I want to go out there. See what’s up with the ship. Don’t want no dynamite. I’ve got the guns, why would I need dynamite?”

“I never know what you’re up to Sawyer.”

“What makes you think I’m up to somethin’? Can’t a man just be curious? Think I’ll head out there tomorrow morning. Just need to get a map, unless you wanna come with me?” he gave her a sweet gentle smile and did his best to look like an innocent little boy. “Or is it across that line that the Others gave us?”

“No, it’s not in their territory. Sure I’ll go with you. I’m curious too, and well I really don’t have anything else to do.” She glanced across the beach towards where Jack was talking to Rose about something. “I don’t seem to be needed around here very much these days.”

“Well I need you, Freckles.” He said before he could stop the words from passing his lips. He didn’t know if she believed him or not, and he wasn’t too sure that he was happy to admit to himself that it was true. He loved her. Someday, he might even tell her, but he wasn’t ready to expose that kind of weakness to her or anyone. “Tomorrow morning then? I’ll bring us each a gun.”

“Wow Sawyer and they say you don’t know how to show a girl a good time.” Sawyer settled back down to watch as we walked across the beach towards her tent admiring the way her jeans fit her in all the right places. He had expected to see her go to Jack to snitch on him and his plans, and a broad shit eating grin appeared on his face when she didn’t. There was trouble between them, and if he played his cards right, the good doctor would be out of the picture.
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