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18 May 2006 @ 09:45 am
#31 Flame - James "Sawyer" Ford  
Sawyer (aka James Ford)
Fandom - LOST
Author: sanguinepen
Word Count - 638
X Posted to: fanficbylee, 50_darkfics
Prompt: Flames

“Did you get it?” Ted Fisher crawled between the high bushes of the hedge that separated his house from his best friend Jimmy Ford’s. Tucked in there next to the carrot headed boy were his Batman lunchbox and a book of damp looking matches that he’d fished out of the garage where his dad was allowed to smoke. Inside of his lunchbox he’d shoved a bunch of his older sister’s Barbie dolls in various states of disrepair brought on by the hands of the 8 year old boy and the family’s German Shepard. “Hurray up Jimmy. They’re going to be home soon.”

Jimmy was tugging the heavy red metal canister that he’d found in the garden shed. It was filled half the way up with gasoline, and was leaving bruises on his legs as the gas can bumped against his legs with every tugging step. It was a three-gallon can, and would have been impossible to move if the boy hadn’t been a bit tall for his age. Jimmy’s dirty blond hair was sun streaked, and he was in need of a haircut. “I got it,” the boy’s voice was snappish, and his green eyes kept darting towards the backdoor of the screened in porch that kept the cicadas and other bugs out of his mother’s afternoon teas on the veranda. “Hold your horses.”

Ducking into the hedge, Jimmy slugged Ted on the arm. “Stupid. If you keep making all that noise, Rebecca’s going to hear us, and she’ll tell my mom and dad. If I get a beating for this, I’ll kill you.” He didn’t mean it. It was just the normal threatening stance of a pair of children about to set fire to something for fun and experimentation.

“Where’s your mom anyway?” Ted asked as he dumped the dolls out of the lunch box, and began to fill it with the gasoline. “My mom says she don’t watch you enough.”

“Screw you Teddy,” Jimmy clumsily gave his friend the finger, while dipping the first vacant eyed Barbie doll’s head into the gasoline making sure it was soaking wet. His eyes were watering from the fumes as he helped Teddy dunk them all. “My mom’s just busy with her classes. She’s learning how to make flower arrangements. Better than your mom who’s around all the time. Can’t have no fun with her at your house all day.” Jimmy gazed down at his hands as he carefully arranged the Barbie’s for their slow painful burning death. He’d been hearing his parents fighting from their room across the big house they lived in. Mom was mad that his dad was too busy at work to spend time with them, and dad was mad that she was off taking classes and stuff too. Rebecca tried to keep Jimmy from hearing the fights by reading to him in his room or playing the TV loud, but the boy new his parents weren’t happy.

Ted’s fingers were shaking as he tried to get the matches to light, one, then two, then three went out before a single strand of synthetic hair ignited. Finally disgusted, Jimmy grabbed the book of matches from his friend, and got the last match to light, holding it carefully tucked near his body he set the matchbook on fire then dropped it on the dolls.

“James Ford!!!” he heard his nanny’s voice cry out, and felt her hand wrap around his shoulder hard while yanking him out of the hedge. The fire was crackling now, stinking of melting vinyl and burning plastic. “What are you thinking?” Teddy had run the second that he’d heard Rebecca’s voice; Jimmy could hear the screen door at the back of his house slamming shut. “Your father is going to hear about this one. Now hurry up and get the hose. NOW”
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