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X Marks the Spot - Chapter Four

X Marks the Spot – chapter 4
Lost - Sawyer and Kate
Word Count: 1379
Rating: R - for violence and language
Author: sanguinepen
Disclaimer: Characters ain’t mine, setting isn’t mine yada yada yada
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Chapters - 1, 2, 3

Sawyer stretched his neck until he felt it pop relieving a good bit of tension, and pushed up off of the fallen tree. “Be right back,” he said to her before stepping out of the clearing and into the brush. “Don’cha wanna know where I’m goin?”

“Sawyer,” she cocked her head, letting her soft hair fall about her shoulders. “I’m not stupid. I know sometimes a guy’s got to pee.” She giggled at the shocked look on his face, and grinned. “Don’t worry, I won’t peek. It’s not like you haven’t flashed me more than a few times already.” Kate pulled her pack up from the ground, nudging a slug away with her tow before it could crawl onto the pack. She shuddered a bit. She knew it was stupid, but slugs gave her the creeps more than anything else on the island. At least the other bugs had the decency to try to move out of your way, well except for the roaches. They had their own way of doing things, and she was sure it all would lead to them having world domination someday.

“Earth to Kate,” Sawyer said jolting her out of her bug infested daydream with a jump. “You still with me Sheena?”

“Sorry,” she ducked her head and blushed just a little bit for being caught unaware. “I was thinking about something. And no, before you get cocky, it wasn’t about you. Although, you might qualify.”

“Qualify for what?” he asked as she started off into the jungle again. “Or don’t I wanna know?”

“You don’t want to know.”

He just grinned as he caught up a bit behind her. She was thinking about him, and that made him happier than a pig in shit. Around them the birds were chatting, mockingbirds and others filling the jungle with noises and life. Sawyer might have been born in the South, but that didn’t mean he’d lived on a farm. Until his father had killed his mother, he’d lived in a nice house with a big back yard, and played in it with his best friend. After that he’d lived in a few foster homes, but he’d never had to deal with the great outdoors like the jungle, and it made him nervous.

Suddenly it grew quiet. He wasn’t sure how far they were from camp. The last long trek he’d made around the island had been in a stretcher being dragged by Michael and Jin from the hell that was Ana Lucia’s company. Kate held up her hand, to tell him to keep his mouth shut. Sawyer listened as hard as he could, but all he could hear was Kate’s breathing and his own heart thumping in his chest.

“Run!” she said without raising her voice, and took off like a deer, her long legs carrying her through the tall grass and twisting vines like she had been born there.

Then he heard it, the clank of metal and the sound of huge feet pounding into the earth. Each step he took was echoed back at him by something bigger and meaner. He’d never seen the monster, but he knew that Kate had run into it more than once. “You don’t need to tell me twice.” He dashed along behind her, his long legs chewing up the distance to catch up with her until they came to a tangled growth of banyan. She vaulted up, scrambling to get purchase on the long roots that had grown from the branches into the ground. She slipped back against him, and he pressed her up into the tree with his large hands pushing on her rear end until she could get purchase.

His heart was pounding so hard.

//// flashback time because – well it’s a LOST story////

Violet had been sobbing when they’d told her she couldn’t have no more job, and Jimmy had cried right along with her. She’d been there to take care of him whenever momma and daddy had been too busy for him with work and social functions. Momma had lots of social functions, it was part of being a lady Violet had told him, but now momma had stopped going to functions.

Jimmy watched from his tree house as his parents got into another big fight, his daddy was so mad at his mother, blaming Mr. Sawyer for ruining their lives, sleeping with her and taking all their money. Then he told momma that he wasn’t even sure he was Jimmy’s daddy, and momma had hit his daddy. Jimmy winced from up in the tree seeing her handprint on his daddy’s rough cheek. Daddy hadn’t shaved that morning, said he had no reason too anymore. No job, no company, no life, he’d told Jimmy it was all over.

Then he’d told her to pack her bags and get her and her bastard out of his house. Momma was screaming and crying when she’d called for Jimmy, and made him pack up some of his clothes. He shoved his favorite t-shirts in the suitcase he had for staying over with his granny, and some shorts, toys and PJs. Before he could pack up his Hardy Boys books, she came in and told him they had to leave. Tears filled his eyes and ran hot down his cheeks as he was forced to leave behind his toys, books and his tank of fish. Momma told him he couldn’t take his dog with him neither, and he hated her for it.

“I wish you were dead,” he told her from the back seat of the car. “Then Mr. Sawyer couldn’t have took all our money. This is all your fault.” Jimmy didn’t say anything again after the back of his mother’s hand caught him across the mouth. He just stared at her through the rear view mirror licking at the blood from his split lip, wishing she was dead, and that he his daddy stilled loved him.

His momma drove into Knoxville, and got them a room at the Holiday Inn. Jimmy didn’t like how the room smelled like perfume, too much bleach, and the bedspread felt like sandpaper when he climbed onto one of the beds. “I’m going to take a shower, Jimmy. You watch TV.” Jimmy turned on the TV, and curled up on the bed to watch some movies on HBO. In the bathroom he could hear his momma crying before the water came on.

“It’s two bedrooms, Mrs. Ford,” the smelly bald man said, his beady black piggy eyes kept looking at his momma’s chest instead of her eyes. Jimmy didn’t like that, but he liked the hotel even less. “And it is in your price range. You’ll need to sign a six month lease.”

“Thank you,” she said keeping her airs about her like a lady, his momma followed the man back into his office to make it official. “Jimmy you play here until momma comes back with the keys.”

“Sweet dreams baby,” his momma said kissing him on top of the head in his room. It was very clean compared to his room at home, mostly because he didn’t have much to play with. His daddy was selling their big house, and momma kept saying when that happened they’d buy Jimmy new clothes and toys. She jumped when she heard the pounding on the thin door to their apartment. “Stay here.”

The shouting started right after the front door was knocked off its hinges. Then Jimmy heard his mother screaming and the sound of his daddy’s gun firing. He scrambled out of the corner of his bed, and crawled beneath it as he heard his daddy’s booted feet come down the hallway. He near screamed when he felt his father sit down on the bed. It wasn’t until the gun fired again, and the blood dripped through the thin mattress that he started to scream.

///meanwhile back on Fantasy Island////

Kate reached down for him, as his feet slipped on the roots again and again. Sawyer grabbed her hand, and let her pull him up. The monster was getting closer, and all the two of them could do was climb higher and higher into the banyan tree while they prayed to hell that they were out of the thing’s reach.

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