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#83 Love

Title: That Girl is Dangerous
Author: sanguinepen
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Sawyer
Prompt: #83 Love
Word Count: 423
Rating: PG for Language
Author's Notes: Sawyer realizes some stuff about Kate that might complicate things...

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#31 Flame - James "Sawyer" Ford

Sawyer (aka James Ford)
Fandom - LOST
Author: sanguinepen
Word Count - 638
X Posted to: fanficbylee, 50_darkfics
Prompt: Flames

“Did you get it?” Ted Fisher crawled between the high bushes of the hedge that separated his house from his best friend Jimmy Ford’s. Tucked in there next to the carrot headed boy were his Batman lunchbox and a book of damp looking matches that he’d fished out of the garage where his dad was allowed to smoke. Inside of his lunchbox he’d shoved a bunch of his older sister’s Barbie dolls in various states of disrepair brought on by the hands of the 8 year old boy and the family’s German Shepard. “Hurray up Jimmy. They’re going to be home soon.”

Jimmy was tugging the heavy red metal canister that he’d found in the garden shed. It was filled half the way up with gasoline, and was leaving bruises on his legs as the gas can bumped against his legs with every tugging step. It was a three-gallon can, and would have been impossible to move if the boy hadn’t been a bit tall for his age. Jimmy’s dirty blond hair was sun streaked, and he was in need of a haircut. “I got it,” the boy’s voice was snappish, and his green eyes kept darting towards the backdoor of the screened in porch that kept the cicadas and other bugs out of his mother’s afternoon teas on the veranda. “Hold your horses.”

Ducking into the hedge, Jimmy slugged Ted on the arm. “Stupid. If you keep making all that noise, Rebecca’s going to hear us, and she’ll tell my mom and dad. If I get a beating for this, I’ll kill you.” He didn’t mean it. It was just the normal threatening stance of a pair of children about to set fire to something for fun and experimentation.

“Where’s your mom anyway?” Ted asked as he dumped the dolls out of the lunch box, and began to fill it with the gasoline. “My mom says she don’t watch you enough.”

“Screw you Teddy,” Jimmy clumsily gave his friend the finger, while dipping the first vacant eyed Barbie doll’s head into the gasoline making sure it was soaking wet. His eyes were watering from the fumes as he helped Teddy dunk them all. “My mom’s just busy with her classes. She’s learning how to make flower arrangements. Better than your mom who’s around all the time. Can’t have no fun with her at your house all day.” Jimmy gazed down at his hands as he carefully arranged the Barbie’s for their slow painful burning death. He’d been hearing his parents fighting from their room across the big house they lived in. Mom was mad that his dad was too busy at work to spend time with them, and dad was mad that she was off taking classes and stuff too. Rebecca tried to keep Jimmy from hearing the fights by reading to him in his room or playing the TV loud, but the boy new his parents weren’t happy.

Ted’s fingers were shaking as he tried to get the matches to light, one, then two, then three went out before a single strand of synthetic hair ignited. Finally disgusted, Jimmy grabbed the book of matches from his friend, and got the last match to light, holding it carefully tucked near his body he set the matchbook on fire then dropped it on the dolls.

“James Ford!!!” he heard his nanny’s voice cry out, and felt her hand wrap around his shoulder hard while yanking him out of the hedge. The fire was crackling now, stinking of melting vinyl and burning plastic. “What are you thinking?” Teddy had run the second that he’d heard Rebecca’s voice; Jimmy could hear the screen door at the back of his house slamming shut. “Your father is going to hear about this one. Now hurry up and get the hose. NOW”
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X Marks the Spot – chapter 2

X Marks the Spot – chapter 2
Lost - Sawyer/Kate
Word Count: 1034
Rating: work safe
Author: sanguinepen
Disclaimer: Characters ain’t mine, setting isn’t mine yada yada yada
Posted to - lost_fanfic

“I want you to tell me about the Black Rock.”

“There’s not a whole lot to tell,” Kate said as she picked at a frayed tear in the thigh of her jeans. Sawyer found his eyes flickering over the patch of golden tanned skin that showed through the hole. It had been a long time since he’d gone swimming with her, when they’d found the Marshal’s guns, and he did have to wonder just how much prettier she had gotten since then. The woman made him want to be a better person sometimes, and he really hated her for that. “Rousseau told us about it. We hiked inland until we found it. We were pretty surprised to find out it was a ship. Arnst died while we were getting the dynamite that we used to blast open the Hatch.”

“Arnst?” Sawyer’s brow creased while he tried to remember who that was, and then nodded as he recalled the rabid high school science teacher who’d started going on and on about the monsoon season and such before they’d left on the raft. “Oh yeah, I was wonderin’ what happened to him. He was a twitchy guy. All that rantin’ about the weather and such.”

“Well let’s just say, it wasn’t a good way to go out. You don’t want the details.”

“Don’t be too sure about that. I might just be that bored.” Leaning back against the palm tree, Sawyer rubbed a spot between his shoulder blade that he pretended was itching like crazy while he collected his thoughts and what his next move should be. If there was a treasure out there, he wasn’t too sure he’d want to share it. But if he did have to share it, Kate would be his first choice. He’d be damned if that fucking self-righteous prick Jack got a hold of it. Sides, he was a doctor, and didn’t need the money anyways. “So what kind of ship was it? How do you think it got that far inland?”

“It was from the 1800s,” she said as she reached over to scratch the spot on his back without even thinking about it. She’d never been one to have long nails, but it was nice to see the smile of pleasure on his face instead of one of his sneaky cat ate the canary ones he usually wore. She was trying so hard to trust him, and not hold things against him that he had nothing to do with. “There were chains for holding slaves or prisoners on it. We didn’t explore a whole lot of it though. Arnst had us all totally freaked out about the dynamite. It was sweating and very unstable from the heat and time and stuff.”

“And Hurley made it all the way out there?” Sawyer snorted. “I’d figure he’d be pretty damned unstable from the heat and walk and stuff.”

“He did just fine.” Kate didn’t add in the part about Hurley going ape shit when he’d seen those numbers on the Hatch. “We brought three sticks of the dynamite back to the Hatch to blow it open, and left the rest. What are you thinking about? You’re not planning on going after the dynamite are you? What would you want with it? Can’t see you trading it for food.”

“I don’t want the dynamite.” He climbed up to his feet, and stretched wrapping his long arms around his torso until his back popped just right. “I was just curious about the ship. I mean what were they carrying ‘sides slaves or prisoners. Was it one of those ships they sent to Australia full of prisoners? Did the polar bear come from it? There’s a lot of questions about this place, and maybe some of the answers are on that boat. Did y’all read the captain’s log?”

“Not really,” she let out a ragged sigh as she stepped up besides him to look out onto the endless blue horizon. “We were in a hurry. Rousseau told us about the others coming for the boy, so we were going to try to hide down there. It was a race, and we didn’t know that the boy they wanted was Walt.”

“Well, we found out about that didn’t we?” Sawyer rubbed at the now mostly healed bullet wound on his shoulder. “I want to go out there. See what’s up with the ship. Don’t want no dynamite. I’ve got the guns, why would I need dynamite?”

“I never know what you’re up to Sawyer.”

“What makes you think I’m up to somethin’? Can’t a man just be curious? Think I’ll head out there tomorrow morning. Just need to get a map, unless you wanna come with me?” he gave her a sweet gentle smile and did his best to look like an innocent little boy. “Or is it across that line that the Others gave us?”

“No, it’s not in their territory. Sure I’ll go with you. I’m curious too, and well I really don’t have anything else to do.” She glanced across the beach towards where Jack was talking to Rose about something. “I don’t seem to be needed around here very much these days.”

“Well I need you, Freckles.” He said before he could stop the words from passing his lips. He didn’t know if she believed him or not, and he wasn’t too sure that he was happy to admit to himself that it was true. He loved her. Someday, he might even tell her, but he wasn’t ready to expose that kind of weakness to her or anyone. “Tomorrow morning then? I’ll bring us each a gun.”

“Wow Sawyer and they say you don’t know how to show a girl a good time.” Sawyer settled back down to watch as we walked across the beach towards her tent admiring the way her jeans fit her in all the right places. He had expected to see her go to Jack to snitch on him and his plans, and a broad shit eating grin appeared on his face when she didn’t. There was trouble between them, and if he played his cards right, the good doctor would be out of the picture.
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deviant_muses Topic for April - Candy

Sawyer aka James Ford
Lost – Missing scene during the Long Con – Spoiler Warning
Word Count: 459
Rating: R – not work safe
Topic: Candy for deviant_muses
Restraints for 50_darkfics

“Don’t move,” Cassie giggled from beneath her tousled light brown hair as she scooted down the length of James’ tall lean body. She ran a string of kisses down his neck, pausing to nibble at each nipple before trailing more kisses and bites down his stomach and below.

“Not like I can Sunshine,” he said pulling against the silk scarves she’d used to tie him to her bed for a little fun and games after pulling off their latest con job. He pulled on them again, even though he had little to no desire to get free. He really did think he might love her. Sure he said the words to her all the time, that was part of the long con he was running, but sometimes when she was doing her best to make him crazy with lust he really started to wonder if he did love her. “Y’all got me at your tender mercies.”

“And that’s just the way I like it.” She sat back, and licked her lips. She loved him. He was so different from her husband, and he’d taken her dull and boring life away from her. Taught her how much fun it was to take advantage of stupid people who really had it coming, and the sex…well that was something else entirely. She couldn’t even imagine tying her ex to the bed like this. He’d been so safe and boring.

Cassie reached over the edge of the bed, and Sawyer could hear her fumbling with something or other. “What you got there?” he quickly hid a worried look. Sometimes the girl could get a bit kinkier than he’d been prepared for. “You ain’t got those nipple clamps again, do you?” He hadn’t liked that at all. Well not when he was on the receiving end anyway.

“Nope something much more fun,” she pulled up a long blue paper straw, and bit off the end of it. “Pixie Sticks. The blue and orange are my favorites. Maybe if you’re a good boy, I’ll let you have the other colors when it’s your turn.”

“That tickles,” James giggled a bit as he felt her pour the flavored sugar over his thighs and cock. “Be sure you don’t miss none. Don’t want no sticky spots left over when you’re done.”

“I’ll do my best,” she gave him a wicked smile and began to slowly start licking away the flavored sugar one slow inch at a time while her hair tickled the rest of him.

“Jesus Christ! I’m so going to spank your ass until it’s as red as your lips when you let me go.” By the time she sprinkled the last tube of blue over him he was begging untie him and to hurry up.
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