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01 March 2006 @ 10:39 am
Word Count: 621
Rating: NC 17 – not work safe

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30 January 2006 @ 11:17 am
Word Count: 317
Rating: work safe

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29 November 2005 @ 11:14 am
Sawyer sat in the interogation room, his hands cuffed in front of him. "Mind if I have a smoke?" he asked the fed in his dark blue suit. The man reached into his pocket, and handed Sawyer a pack and a lighter. "Thanks." With an ease of practice from several other times in handcuffs, Sawyer had no trouble lighting the cigarette. He slid the lighter and pack back towards the suit. "So what's the deal goin' to be? You goin' to throw me into a federal pen, or you goin' to be happy with just seizin' everythin' I've got?"

"You should probably wait for your lawyer to talk about this Mr. Ford," he said tapping at the large file that Sawyer assumed had his records from various points across the country.

"Mr. Ford was my daddy," he said bitterly. "Just call me Sawyer. That's what everybody else does. When do I get my phone call?"
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30 October 2005 @ 08:36 pm
Sawyer arrived right on time to pick up Kathryn for the big Halloween blow out at Vices. He was dressed in the Dread Pirate Roberts costume that one of the girls at the store thought would be perfect for him. He did like the whole black thing, and the sword was a nice touch even if it was plastic. He just wondered what Kat would be dressed as. She had told him it was a secret. He had tried a few things to get her to talk, including tying her to the bed and tickling her until she threatened to have him skinned, but she wasn't telling.

One thing he knew for sure. It was going to be damned sexy. "Come one darlin" he said as he rang the bell again. "It's time to be scary."
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19 October 2005 @ 11:07 am
Sawyer – James Ford
Word Count: 501
Rating: work and spoiler safe

There was an itch between his shoulder blades that had just gotten bad enough to force the tall blond man to wake up just a bit from his afternoon nap near the beach to rub his back against the smooth bark of the palm tree he was resting against. His hair was sun streaked and much longer than he normally kept it although they ladies never did complain about it being longer than the normal fashion. It gave ‘em something to hold onto besides his butt between the sheets.

Sawyer glanced towards the endless blue water, watching through hooded amber flecked eyes as the waves broke against the shore of the pristine white beach. Not for the first time, he longed for the garbage strewn beaches of Florida where there were at least people about. He didn’t realize what he was looking at, at first, but something black and covered in jewels was bobbing in the warm water. With a smirk, the conman got up, brushing a layer of sand off his ass as he strolled to the water’s edge. Hunkering down, he pulled the jewel covered bottle from the drink. It was about a foot tall, wider at the base than the top and looked like one of them fancy perfume bottles you could pick up in a Middle Eastern bazaar. He held it up to the light and shook it a few times to see if there was anything inside, but instead of hearing liquid he heard something small and kind of softish hitting the walls.

He pulled the stopper out when he got back to his tree, and tipped the bottle upside down to knock out what was inside. With a hiss, pink smoke began billowing from the bottle. With a yelp, Sawyer tossed it away, and there before his eyes was the prettiest damned blonde he’d ever seen dressed in a pink harem outfit. “Master,” she bowed laying her forehead at his feet. “Your wish is my command.”

“Dammit, Jeannie,” he chuckled as he reached out to touch her soft golden hair. “I wish I was back at home, away from this damned island.”

“Don’t we all Sawyer,” he started awake at the sound of Kate’s voice. “But who the hell is Jeannie?”

“Jeannie?” he blinked as he reached for the pack of cigarettes that had long since been gone. “I was having a dream, Freckles.”

“That must have been some dream. Old girlfriend?”

“Don’t I wish? I wasn’t dreamin’ about anybody real. Was havin’ one about my favorite TV show.”

Kate let out a laugh, as she slid down against the next palm in the line to watch the ocean besides him. “Are you telling me that I Dream of Jeannie is your favorite TV show?”

“Well it was, when I was six,” he shrugged daring her to laugh at him again. “Besides, if she were real, she’d be a hell of a lot more help to us than me dreamin’ about the damned A Team.”
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05 October 2005 @ 07:42 pm
Sawyer/James Ford
Word Count: 686
Rating: R for violence

Violet had been sobbing when they’d told her she couldn’t have no more job, and Jimmy had cried right along with her. She’d been there to take care of him whenever momma and daddy had been too busy for him with work and social functions. Momma had lots of social functions, it was part of being a lady Violet had told him, but now momma had stopped going to functions.

Jimmy watched from his tree house as his parents got into another big fight, his daddy was so mad at his mother, blaming Mr. Sawyer for ruining their lives, sleeping with her and taking all their money. Then he told momma that he wasn’t even sure he was Jimmy’s daddy, and momma had hit his daddy. Jimmy winced from up in the tree seeing her handprint on his daddy’s rough cheek. Daddy hadn’t shaved that morning, said he had no reason too anymore. No job, no company, no life, he’d told Jimmy it was all over.

Then he’d told her to pack her bags and get her and her bastard out of his house. Momma was screaming and crying when she’d called for Jimmy, and made him pack up some of his clothes. He shoved his favorite t-shirts in the suitcase he had for staying over with his granny, and some shorts, toys and PJs. Before he could pack up his Hardy Boys books, she came in and told him they had to leave. Tears filled his eyes and ran hot down his cheeks as he was forced to leave behind his toys, books and his tank of fish. Momma told him he couldn’t take his dog with him neither, and he hated her for it.

“I wish you were dead,” he told her from the back seat of the car. “Then Mr. Sawyer couldn’t have took all our money. This is all your fault.” Jimmy didn’t say anything again after the back of his mother’s hand caught him across the mouth. He just stared at her through the rear view mirror licking at the blood from his split lip, wishing she was dead, and that he his daddy stilled loved him.

His momma drove into Knoxville, and got them a room at the Holiday Inn. Jimmy didn’t like how the room smelled like perfume, too much bleach, and the bedspread felt like sandpaper when he climbed onto one of the beds. “I’m going to take a shower, Jimmy. You watch TV.” Jimmy turned on the TV, and curled up on the bed to watch some movies on HBO. In the bathroom he could hear his momma crying before the water came on.

“It’s two bedrooms, Mrs. Ford,” the smelly bald man said, his beady black piggy eyes kept looking at his momma’s chest instead of her eyes. Jimmy didn’t like that, but he liked the hotel even less. “And it is in your price range. You’ll need to sign a six month lease.”

“Thank you,” she said keeping her airs about her like a lady, his momma followed the man back into his office to make it official. “Jimmy you play here until momma comes back with the keys.”

“Sweet dreams baby,” his momma said kissing him on top of the head in his room. It was very clean compared to his room at home, mostly because he didn’t have much to play with. His daddy was selling their big house, and momma kept saying when that happened they’d buy Jimmy new clothes and toys. She jumped when she heard the pounding on the thin door to their apartment. “Stay here.”

The shouting started right after the front door was knocked off its hinges. Then Jimmy heard his mother screaming and the sound of his daddy’s gun firing. He scrambled out of the corner of his bed, and crawled beneath it as he heard his daddy’s booted feet come down the hallway. He near screamed when he felt his father sit down on the bed. It wasn’t until the gun fired again, and the blood dripped through the thin mattress that he started to scream.
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16 September 2005 @ 11:26 am
Fandom: Lost
Word Count: 410
Rating: G

Spoiler Warning for UK PeepsCollapse )
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04 September 2005 @ 10:25 pm
Fandom: Lost
Word Count: 415
Rating: PG

The sunlight coming through the stained glass windows was staining his granny’s pale pink suit a blazing shade of crimson. Jimmy liked the way the red faded to purple around the brim of her straw hat, and made the fake daisies bright blue. He held his tiny hand up to the light, watching as it turned colors from the light. His mother’s hand slapped the back of his, and she glared at him with her anger filled blue eyes. He didn’t understand why his momma was so angry.

He was just playing with God’s light, or at least that’s what Auntie Maggie would have called it. She said that church was a place of music and soul where you could feel god work his way through you. “I’m sorry momma,” he said in a whisper as Susie McNeal stuck her tongue out at him in the pew in front of them where his mother couldn’t see her. “I’ll be good.”

His father placed his arm over his shoulders and gave him a hug, drawing him closer as the choir began to sing. “It’s ok, Jimmy,” his dad placed a kiss on the top of his head; his blond hair almost bleached white from the sun. “Now pay attention.”

“I will,” he sank down against his father’s body, and tried to pay attention.

“Daddy, how come Auntie Maggie don’t go to church with us?” he asked as he was strapped into the back seat of the car. “And how come no one was singing and dancing with God?”

His mother let out an exasperated sigh. “I told you that she’s spending too much time with him, and that he needs a nanny. I don’t like him learning about those people.” Jimmy pulled his knees up and pretended to look out the window on the drive home, trying to ignore his parent’s battle over the right and wrong of their black housekeeper watching him during the day. He didn’t understand it at all. He loved Auntie Maggie as much as he loved his mom and dad.

They fired Aunt Maggie the next day when she came to work. His daddy met her at the back door with an envelope full of money, and said he was sorry. Jimmy cried as he followed her out of the yard to her car until snot ran down his face with the tears. “I’m going to miss you Jimmy Boy. You be good for your momma and daddy. By angel boy.”
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25 August 2005 @ 04:05 pm
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