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Sawyer's Log

Postcards from the End of the Earth

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[1] Real Name: James Ford
[2] Occupation: Cars Salesman, Conman
[3] Posseses a letter written by him to the man, named Sawyer, that conned his mother and father.
[4] His father killed his mother and himself
[5] Talked with Jack's Father at a bar in Sydney
[6] Killed a man that he thought was the Orig. Sawyer

Will add more as we learn more.

This LJ is written by sanguinepen who is inspired by Sawyer in the following

A native of Tennessee, Sawyer is a con-man who has taken on the alias of the con-man, Frank Sawyer, who was responsible for the destruction of his family. Sawyer, whose real name is James Ford, is known for collecting and hoarding items from the plane crash and for being the resident smart-talking rebel on the island. This makes him easily hated and despised by most of the islanders. He hits on Kate alot, but as time passes on it is her whom Sawyer seems to relate to the most as the two have shared a common bond and understanding of each other. He kills time on the island by reading books salvaged from the plane but this has caused him to become far-sighted and he had to get reading glasses made for him. His voice also seems to entertain and comfort Claire's baby.

Before the crash James was told that the man who ruined his childhood, the same man from whom he took his alias Frank Sawyer, was in Australia. James went there and killed him only to find out he had been set up and the man he killed was not Frank Sawyer. Before making his final decision to kill who he thought was "Frank Sawyer", Sawyer met a man in a bar whom, after the crash, he realized was Christian Shephard, Jack's own father. Sawyer did not reveal this to any of the other survivors until Exodus Part 1

In Boone's flashback, Boone is sitting in a police station when two police men drag in Sawyer, who is not cooperating. This was later revealed to be because of Sawyer's participation in a bar fight, and because of that he was ordered to return to the United States, thus ending up on the fateful flight. A policeman informed Sawyer that the man he had head-butted in the bar fight was the Australian Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. Sawyer was deported from Australia and banned from ever returning. Presumedly the Australian authorities, who were aware of Sawyer's real identity, would have deported him under his real name. If so, it has not been explained how Hurley, who had the passenger manifest list, was unaware that Sawyer was an alias.